At Grassroots Natural Market, we take pride in supplying the community with a connection to our land, our food, and our neighbors. We strive to make health affordable and achievable by providing local, natural and organic foods and products, homeopathic medicine, knowledge and experience in the field - and most importantly a connection with our customers on a first name basis.


Hand-selected products

We hand-select the products that will best help you and your families achieve optimum health.   Because we are an independent, locally owned business, we have the flexibility to select products based on our interests and the needs of our customers.  Throughout each of our departments, you will find: New brands and start-up companies, often created [...]

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This week's specials

We offer the highest quality produce, products and prepared foods at pricing that is reasonable and fair.  We discount  a large portion of our merchandise by 10% – 25% each week.  And we frequently offer unadvertised specials, so please stop in to see these great deals. Weekly Produce Specials  Supplement Specials HBA Specials

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Our team

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff provides an unparalleled level of personal service.  We go the extra mile to research the products we offer and will take the time to educate our customers, especially if you are just starting out on your journey to exploring healthy foods or products.  We enjoy getting to know the needs [...]

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Our community

Our support of the local community is broad-based and includes our customers, employees, farmers, manufacturers, distributors, and local causes. We buy a variety of products from local farmers – support of local farm families reminds us where our food comes from and helps protect our health and the health of our communities.  We have featured [...]

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